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The second busiest port of Athens is Rafina. It is actually a small and lovely town to the north of Athens that looks like an island. It has a lovely waterfront, beautiful squares and many taverns to have a meal. It is located about 30 km from the centre of Athens, 40 km from the port of Piraeus and 10 km from the Athens International Airport.

The port of Rafina is the only port that serves a vessel to Andros, as it is closer than Piraeus. There are also vessels to Tinos and Mykonos.

How to go to Rafina

- From the centre of Athens

By bus: As there is no metro line till Rafina, you have to take a bus to go there. If you are in the centre of Athens, you take the bus from Areos Park (Pedion Areos). The buses to Rafina are suburban and orange in colour. They have the initials KTEL on them. To go to Pedion Areos, take the metro till Victoria station, walk up all along Heiden street and at the end of this street you will see Pedion Areos. Buses to Rafina usually leave hour. The trip from the departure station to Rafina port is about an hour, depending on the traffic.

- From the Athens airport

By bus: To go from the Athens airport to the port of Rafina, you take the KTEL bus from outside the terminal. There are buses almost every hour and the trip takes about 30 minutes.

Rafina Port Authority phone numbers: 22940 22300, 22940 22481


Ανατ.: 03.37
Δύση: 17.15
Νέα Σελήνη
Βασιλέως ιερομάρτυρος επισκόπου Αμασείας, Γλαφύρας
Οι Γερμανοί καταλαμβάνουν τον Μαραθώνα και την Πάτρα.


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