Santorini, a creation of peeved nature, due to her special history and legends that followed her, the traditional settlements and the vivid cosmic life, has conquered the whole world.

It is the southest island of Cyclades. Literally it’s a complex of islands comprised from Thera, Therasia, Aspronisi, Palea and Nea Kameni. It is an island with long history that has suffered a lot of catastrophes due to volcano eruptions that have changed its shape.

But human power turned to be stronger than rough nature. Today the -almost- lunar scenery with the black, grey and red volcanic rocks has turned into a white state. The mild architecture of Cyclades islands has changed the island’s sight. The graphic villages, with the narrow cobblestone pavements, the small squares and their churches impress every visitor. View to volcano that most tourist resorts have- is spectacular. The picture is unique especially the sunset. Photos of Santorini’s sunset are all around the world. At dawn all visitors run to Caldera to see the reddish sky.

All of Santorini is a site. The significant archaeological places (Akrotiri, Ancient Thera) the museums, the monasteries, the churches, the tenable settlements, the volcano, all pieces of a puzzle that join yesterday with today and prove how special Santorini is.

Vivid life tempos characterize Santorini. It’s one of the most cosmopolitan islands in Greece with tourist development. It offers high standard services to all visitors.
As for accommodation you will find hotels and rooms to let of all categories that satisfy all demands. Concerning gastronomic delights, Santorini’s cuisine is famous for its special dishes, you can accompany with the local wine. Concerning nightlife and options for entertainment Santorini satisfies all preferences.

Santorini has an airport that connects the island with Athens and most of the big cities, while in its port arrive in everyday courses ferries from Piraeus, Crete and the rest of Cyclades islands.

Island areas: