1. This ticket is personal, non-transferable and issued in the passenger’s name. It is vaild only for the seat and voyage for which it was issued.
  2. Meals are not included in the fare.
  3. Passengers should be in the embarkation area one (1) hour before departure. Passengers who are not on time for sailing are not entitled to a refund. Passengers who may cancel their tickets for any reason before sailing are entitled to a refund of halt the ticket price.
  4. Children of up to 4 years of age travel free and are not entitled to berths. Children between 4 and 10 years of age pay half fare and are entitled to berths.
  5. A holder of a full fare ticket is entitled to carry aboard luggage of up to 40 kilograms or 0,5 m3 free of charge.
  6. In case of loss, a ticket is not replaced and its fare is not refunded.
  7. The ship-owning company is not responsible for any damage to or loss of luggage that is under the personal care of the passenger.
  8. Jewellery, money and valuables may be handed to the Purser’s Office for safekeeping.
  9. The ship-owning company is not responsible for any delay, deviation and not following the scheduled course due to adverse weather conditions, or on orders of the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine or of the Port Authorities, or due to force majeure.
  10. Passengers are not permitted to cary explosive, flammable, incendiary and generally dangerous substances.
  11. Passengers are responsible for observing Port, Health and Customs Regulations.
  12. Passengers should comply with the Master’s and crew’s directions for maintaining order and ensuring safety aboard.
  13. During the voyage, all passenger complaints should be made to the ship’s Master or First Officer and, after the completion of the voyage, to the ship-owning company or the Port Authorities.
  14. If, for any reason, the voyage is cancelled and such cancellation is due to the ship, the fare will be refunded with no further obligation on the part of the ship-owning company to the passenger.
  15. The ship-owning company has the right (with approval of the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine) to replace the ship for which this ticket was issued with another ship.


  1. The driver is obliged to embark and disembark his/her vehicle.
  2. Vehicles must be in the waiting area to be embarked one (1) hour before sailing and in any case at the time specified in the applicable Port Regulations.
  3. Drivers who are not on time for sailing are not entitled to a refund. Drivers who, before sailing, may make known that they do not intend to embark their vehicles are entitled to a refund of half the ticket price.
  4. In case of loss of the vehicle transport voucher, the fare is not refunded.
  5. Vehicle passengers are obliged to alight before vehicles are embarked aboard.
  6. Passengers should have with them the items they may need during the voyage. After departure, entry into the vehicle area is forbidden.
  7. Passengers are not permitted to cary explosive, incendiary, flammable and generally dangerous substances.
  8. The order of priority for vehicle embarkation is determined in the Port Regulations of every Port Authority in the region of which the embarkation occurs.

The Terms and Conditions above are not applicable to overseas voyages.