Kythira or Tsirigo is the northest of all Ionian islands. They are right across the southeast edge of Peloponese, in the entrance of Lakonikos gulf.

It is the only Ionian island not belonging to the Periphery of Ionian islands, but to the Nomarchy of Piraeus. Despite that, it followed the same route as all Ionian islands. Kythira are also known as Aphrodite’s island, since according to Isiodos, the most beautiful goddess of Olympus was born here. Due to their geographic location, they have always been the bone of contention between conquerors. It is there, where west meets east and where civilizations cross. Alteration of scenery and monuments reveal the uniqueness of Kythira in Greece.

Nature has endowed Kythira with unique beauties. Landscapes alter and fill the sight with unique pictures. Rocky places full of bushes, hills with pine trees, lacy shores, golden beaches and blue waters, abrupt canyons, all elements of nature, in harmonious coexistence, create an idyllic picture of Kythira.

Kythira keep the authentic island feature. The traditional architecture, the byzantine churches and the Venetian castle right above Chora, create a romantic atmosphere. Local festivals and events give the opportunity to visitors to know the folkloric tradition of Kythira. This is shown through Wine festival, the celebration of Panagia Myrtidiotissa, of Saint Elesa, etc.

Although Kythira are not promoted in tourism, they are worldwide known with many fans. More and more visitors come to the island of Aphrodite every year to spend their holidays. They grab the chance to relax in a beautiful environment, with the opportunity to entertain in the small coastal bars.

Island areas: