Alonnisos is a beautiful island with dense vegetation and unseen beauties. It is surrounded by a cluster of smaller islands. It has abrupt rocks, marine caves and a sea park where the sea monk “Monachus – Monachus” finds shelter.

Alonnisos is the second in size island of North Sporades. It is located 2 miles east of Skopelos and 62 n.m. from Volos. The island distinguishes for its natural beauties. Touring around it can be an unforgettable experience full of surprises. Green landscapes, dense pine forests, virgin beaches and idyllic shores create a romantic scenery.

The picturesque villages, white-painted houses, cobblestone pavements, churches and hospitable people create all the right conditions for an unforgettable vacation. Alonnisos keeps its natural beauties untouched and attracts thousands of nature lovers that come to the island every summer in order to spend their vacations in an earthly paradise.

Tourist infrastructures satisfy all demands. Apart from accommodation in the hotels and rooms to let, what will really impress you in Alonnisos is the food. The island’s cuisine is famous for the special recipes. If you love sea food, then Alonnisos is the right place for you. Try shore dinner, sleeve fish, aubergine barbecue and the cheese pie of Alonnisos. Don’t miss tasting the traditional sweets of the island. Rizogalo, walnut pie, amigdalota and roasted figs with honey will leave you the best of impressions.

Island areas: