Paros, the beautiful and cosmopolitan Aegean island, is one of the most popular summer destinations. Its natural beauties, the traditional houses of Cyclades and perfect tourist organization, along with the warm hospitality, provide the best conditions for an unforgettable staying.

Paros is located in the center of Cyclades Islands and it’s considered one of the most beautiful and graphic islands of the complex. It is 3rd in size, after Naxo and Andro. Paro’s history goes back to centuries. From ancient times, due to its geographical location, lead history that changed the route of Cyclades. It was administrative and merchant center in Aegean and a crossroad for many civilizations.

Paros suffered a lot by conquerors that conquered the island from time to time. All its past is expressed in the remains of the archaeological sites, in the historic monuments and in museums that host archaeological findings. Grandiose Byzantine churches and monasteries with the architecture of Cyclades express the deep faith of its residents.

Paros has a lot of natural beauties. Romantic beaches with blue waters are ideal for swimming and water sports. In Parikia, the charming capital, you will enjoy walking in the narrow streets, you will see some of the most important sites of the island and you’ll entertain in the nightclubs. In Naoussa you have the opportunity to see the graphic port of Aegean and you will dine viewing the most beautiful sunset in the island. In Paro’s graphic villages, you will enjoy romantic walks and feel the charm of tradition. Marpissa, Aliki, Abelas, Drios, Piso Livadi, Pounta, are some of the most popular villages you must visit. The island has a lot of luxurious hotel complexes and rooms to let, for the demands of every visitor.

Don’t forget that Paros has a tradition in tourism. Her excellent tourist foundation and the “trained” residents-businessmen, are guarantees for your pleasant staying.

Island areas: