Sikinos, this small island in south Cyclades Islands, wins visitors with her authentic feature. Here, time has shown respect towards natural beauties and human creatures. Pictures that fill every traveler’s sight from the time he steps his foot on the island and during the tour around the island, stay forever in his heart.

Sikinos is among Ios and Folegandros. It is one of the smallest islands in Cyclades that keeps its traditional colours. The island is of oblong shape and has extend.

Characteristic is the bold cliff in the northwestern part of the island. There, on the edge of the cliff is built Chora. In the southeastern part of the island, where the ground is smooth, is located Sikinos’ port. The biggest part of its ground is stony. Some of it is covered by olive trees, from which is produced the fine olive oil this island has.

The island still resists to massive invasion of tourism. Of course in Alopronia and Chora, you will find hotels and rooms to let offering a pleasant accommodation to all visitors, as and taverns and bars.

Mostly those seeking for some privacy away from the cosmopolitan and noisy places visit Sikinos. In its beaches you will have unforgettable times of relaxing enjoying the sun and the sea. As you walk in the cobblestone paths of Chora you will travel to dreamy neighborhoods…

Island areas: