Tinos, this beautiful island of Cyclades is the biggest religious center in Greece. Thousands of believers from Greece and abroad visit every year the island of Megalohari and fulfill their oblation to Panagia.

The island, famous for Panagias’ miracles, has unique natural beauties and important sites. Its characteristic is the long beaches, the authentic scenes of Cyclades and the small traditional villages with many churches and cotes. The remains of the ancient temple of Poseidon and Amfitriti reveal sides of the past and the island’s role as a religious center in every historic period.

Tinos belongs to the north Cyclades and it’s the third in size island after Naxos and Andros. It is located among Siros, Andros and Mykonos. It has a length of 195sq. km.and it’s a hilly island.  n the east part of the island is Tsiknias, the highest mountain of Tinos with a height of 720m. In Tinos grounds are cultivated fruit trees, potatoes and vineyards. Its animal breeding products distinguish for their quality.

The residents of Mykonos work with agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing and tourism. They are very hospitable people and distinguish for their deep faith.

The island has very good tourist foundation. There are a lot of hotels of all categories and rooms to let provide all sort of comforts to the visitors.

Due to the religious interest that Tinos has, the island has many tourist shops with icons and ecclesiastic items. Although it is not famous for its nightlife, chances for entertainment won’t be missed. And of course in the island’s taverns you will taste the local recipes. Although most people have just a day trip to Tinos, in order to visit the church of Panagia, it’s ideal for holidays. Especially if you are interested in a peaceful island to relax, enjoy the sea, tour around the graphic villages and have fun according to the ancient saying “every measure is for the better”, then Tinos is the ideal destination for you.

Island areas: