Kastelorizo or Megisti is the eastest Aegean island and in Greece generally. It is inhabited since prehistoric times and has an important historic route.

This limitary Dodecanese island is 72n.m. from Rhodes and only 1m from the south shores of Turkey. It has a length of 9.5 sq. km and it is rocky. This small island had 15.000 residents in the beginnings of the 20th century! But now there is nothing reminiscing of this blooming city. The permanent residents are not over 300 and the settlement, with forsaken and destroyed by bombing houses, has a picture of dereliction. During the last years Kastelorizo is trying to find its past glory.

The island was “discovered” and more lovers of travelling anchor in this beautiful Aegean island. Handle to this was the academy awarded movie Mediterraneo, which was shot there. So Kastelorizo gained rumor. It is a very popular travel destination for Italians.

Kastelorizo is ideal for quiet vacation and pays back every visitor with its unique beauties, idyllic beaches and hospitality of residents that make you feel like home. Kastelorizo is a rapidly developing tourist resort. The infrastructures satisfy all demands. There are hotels and rooms to let providing all comforts.

Island areas: