Nisyros is an island with special and age long history. The island’s existence and route in time is marked by the volcano, which for centuries burnt in the bowels of the earth. That always shaped the island’s destiny. Despite all these are saved remarkable monuments that reveal the island’s rich history and impress visitors. The volcano itself – even today that it is not active – is the most important natural site of Nisyros.

What makes Nisyros different are the alterations of scenery. The wild beauty of black rocks gives its place to green landscapes and sea pictures give their place to graphic settlements with white houses and multi coloured shutters.

Nisyros is situated in southeast Aegean Sea, almost in the center of Dodecanese islands between Kos and Tilos. It is one of the smallest islands of the complex with a ground of 41sq. Km. The biggest part of it is hilly with volcanic stones.

From the volcanic eruptions – whose existence is known since archaic times – was created the valley of Lakkiou with craters and mountains Prophet Elias, Agios Ioannis and Agios Georgios. Nisyros is also famous for its therapeutic sources known from the times of Ippokrates. In this island the visitor has the chance to meet with unique natural and cultural routes.

Although most people visit Nisyros on a day trip from Kos, it is worth staying for a few days in Nisyros and know the yesterday and today of this land, through the option it offers.

Island areas: