Patmos, the island of Apocalypses. The northest island in the complex of Dodecanese was to be reminded as the most holy land of Orthodoxy. The island, where in 95BC Ioannis wrote Apocalypses, is a land of worship for all Greek and orthodox.

Patmos is possessed of unique beauties. Alterations of scenes impress every visitor, as rocky hills give their position to verdurous lowland areas. And between them traditional settlements with medieval architecture and numberless churches create a unique picture. The endless blue of Aegean sea, long lacy shores and small, protected from the winds, ports, justify the decision of every traveler to visit this special Aegean island.

It is located between Ikaria and Lero and has a ground of Incomparable natural beauties characterize this island. Registered trademark of Patmos is the castle-monastery of Saint John and Chora that extends around it. It is remarkable that in 1981 Patmos, was characterized by a special law from the Parliament of Greece as a Holy Island. Also from 1999 it is considered as a Monument of International Cultural Inheritance by UNESCO.

Until some years before Patmos was one of the islands ideal for quiet vacation. But now that does no longer exist. Many corporations have been created satisfying all tastes. Graphic taverns, clubs with live music, coffeehouses and bars. The municipality organizes nights with traditional feasts. As for your accommodation you will find hotels of all categories and rooms to let providing all comforts.

In general Patmos is a destination that has everything. Visit it and meet the majesty of nature and human creation through its historic monuments.

Island areas: