Symi with its special beauty attracts thousands of visitors every year. It has well-preserved neoclassic buildings and two-storey stone houses that remind of the time that the island bloomed financially. In the beginnings of the 20th century Symi was the capital of Dodecanese and the biggest sponge center in Greece. It had developed shipping and was the merchant power of that time. This financial robustness is shown even today in the aristocratic style of the town.

Symi is situated in southeast Aegean sea and northwest of Rhodes. It has a ground of and is 24n.m. from the port of Rhodes and 230n.m. from the port of Piraeus. It is connected with them through regular routes. Big part of Symi’s tourism is due to the contiguity with Rhodes, as many people visit the island on a day trip. Then enchanted by its beauties return for long holidays. Symi impresses with the alterations of scenery. The hilly ground with high and abrupt mountains ends to lacy shores and small coves. In the island beaches you will enjoy the clean sea and beautiful nature.

Symi’s important history is shown in the sites and exhibits of the archaeological and folkloric museum. Byzantine churches and monasteries show the deep creed of people. Symi is a small, beautiful, graphic island that wins every visitor. It has all the qualifications for unforgettable holidays. Luxurious hotels and complexes of rooms to let. Taverns, restaurants and ouzeri promising unique gastronomic tastes. Bars for your entertainment and cultural events organized by the municipal in order to experience the famous island conviviality.

Island areas: