Tilos is situated between Nissiros and Chalki. It is a small island with natural beauties and historic monuments, but with no tourist development. It keeps its traditional identity untouched and surprises visitors with its graphic landscapes and idyllic beaches.

It has an extend of 63sq.km and its ground is – mostly – rocky, with an exception of a fertile valley in the inner land. Residents work with animal breeding, agriculture and fishing. They stay true to traditional morals and are very hospitable. Tilos is inhabited since prehistoric times. The remains of the ancient town in Megalo Chorio, the Venetian Castle, the byzantine churches and the bones of dwarfs found in Harkadio cave, reveal a lot about the island’s history.

Tilos is one of the most isolated islands in Dodecanese. If you are seeking for quiet vacation, then Tilos is the place for you!

Island areas: