Paxoi is a green paradise. A cosmopolitan island that marries graphic surrounds with nobility. Paxoi, the smallest Ionian Island, enchant every visitor. Situated 7n.m. south of Corfu and 8n.m. west of the epirotic shores.

As all Ionian islands, Paxoi are characterized by dense vegetation and mostly endless vineyards.

The natural beauties of Paxoi are a pole of attraction of thousands of visitors. The island is considered one of the most cosmopolitan in our country. It is ideal for ambulatory routes, romantic walks, but also entertainment in the bars all around the island.

According to Greek mythology, Paxoi were created when Poseidon hit with his trident and cut part of Corfu. That was the island where he stayed with his love Amphitriti. That’s why trident is the symbol of Paxoi. But apart from the mythological narration, the island has an important historic route to show, as it is inhabited since prehistoric times. It was the bone of contention between conquerors and had the same fate to Corfu.

Today, Paxoi, administratively, belong to Corfu. They have almost 2500 permanent residents, who work mostly with olive cultivation, fishing and tourism. The island produces fine quality olive oil, one of the best in Greece. Paxoi are a developed in tourism island. It has many hotels, rooms to let and infrastructures satisfying all demands. It is not accidental that they have gained international fame and important personalities from all around the world have visited the island.

Island areas: