Findings confirm life existence in the island since Neolithic Age. According to an issue Omiros was born here. At the end of 13th century the Genoans sovereigned the island and afterwards the Turks. During the Greek Revolution the island suffered very much contributing to the National Fight with the slaughtering of its population in 1822.

Chios is an island with enormous naval tradition. It is also famous for the mastic-trees. Extending in an area of 842 is at a distance of 153 n.m.(8 hours) from Piraeus. They came from Hios Alexandros Mavrokordatos, Adamantios Korais, Neophytos Vamvas, Giannis Psycharis, Emmanouel Roidis, Labros Porfyras and other emminent persons. Capital and harbour of the island is Chios, with its houses with high aesthetics decoration showing the glorious past of the island, surrounded by crowded streets, the busy harbour, market and the square. At the edge of the city you can see the castle with the tomb of Kara Alis the man that had ordered the slaughter of the population of Chios and had been punished by Kanaris who exploded his flag-ship. In the Korais Library they are kept manuscripts referring to the history of the island and rare books belonged to Adamantios Korais. In the upper floor of the Library the Art Gallery is housed. In the city there are the Archeological Museum, the Byzantine Museum as well as the Ethnic and Popolurar Art Museum of Philip Argenti and the exhibition building of Ioustiniani too. Remarkable churches are those of St.Isidor and the Cathedral of Sts.Victors. In the suburb Kampos you will have the opportunity to admire buildings with distinguished architectural style. In a green landscape, 4 km. north of Chios, it is situated Vrodados famous naval village characterised by the statue-symbol of the region, the Unknown Sailor standing in front of the Town Hall, work of the sculptor Thanassi Aparti. In the museum of the Friends of Progress Club you will see objects relating to the naval tradition and exhibits informing about the life of the inhabitants. 8 km. south of Chios it is situated the village Thymiana with the amazing beach of Karfas. In the village there are the quarries the stone of which was used to construct many churches of Chios as well as the mansions located in Kampos. Volissos, 40 km. northwest of Chios, crowned by its byzantine castle, with its narrow streets, being according to the tradition the homeland of Omiros. Port of Volissos is Limia. You can visit the byzantine castle, the monastery of St.Markella, the monastery of Moundon admiring its splendid sacred paintings dated since 1730, the church of Taxiarchi too. Following the road southwards you will meet the middle-aged villages Armolia, Pyrghi, Olympi, Mesta, Vessa. Inhabitants of the village Armolia are very skillful in the construction and decoration of pottery. Mesta is a fine preserved village, 35 km. southwest of the city, while its houses form a protective wall. Here it is situated the biggest church of Chios, the Great Taxiarchis as well as ruins of the temple of Faneos Apollo in Fana.

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