Ikaria is surrounded by the homonym sea and is extended in 255 sq.km, being in a distance of 140 n.m. from Piraeus (approx.10 hours).

Capital and harbour of the island is the town of St.Kirykos, amphitheatrically built in a hillside with view to a green landscape. In the hill it predominates a building in new-classical style where the Police Department and the Harbour are housed. The sightseeings of the capital town is the Cathedral and the Sanctuary of the Church of St.Dimitrios in Katafyghi.

Secondary harbour and formerly capital of the island is Evdilos, 40 km. towards north-west of St.Kirykos, with marvellous beaches and beautiful houses. Following the coastal road you will reach the by-the-seaside village of Gialiskari, 55 km. towards north-west of St.Kirykos and the picturesque village Avlaki famous for its fish. In the crowded, picturesque Armenisti, 57 km. towards north-west of St.Kirykos, in a short distance you will find the small port of Nass with the ruins of the Sanctuary of Diana near the sea-shore. Near the small port of Nass, a landscape of extraordinary natural beauty with plane-trees and water running, the ravine of Halaris is located.

Island areas: