Aegean. An endless blue sea that embraces all Greek islands. A wet paradise with small oasis of green land, which gave birth to the most important ancient civilizations and dignified humanity.
The emerald islands of North-East Aegean distinguish for their natural beauties and important history. Due to their geographical location – on the crossroad of three continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) and very close to the shores of Minor Asia – they met various nations and different civilizations.

Each island chose the elements that fit its culture and created a very important civilization. These famous islands are not just history, but also a dynamic present. Following the needs of each time, they combined tradition with modernization and became cosmopolitan tourist resorts. Nature and man gave the islands precious treasures and allowed them to develop alternative ways of tourism. The rich fauna and flora attracts the lovers of nature from all over the world. Green forests, abrupt hills, rare species of animals and birds find shelter in this hospitable nature.
The magic shores, endless beaches, graphic ports and crystal clear waters enchant others. They swim or enjoy water sports, but they all agree they have found an earthly paradise!

Thousands of visitors visit these islands in order to meet God. In all of them you will see historic monasteries and churches, connected to various legends. Lands of holiness you won’t find anywhere else. The archaeological sites, byzantine monuments, castles and historic buildings reveal the island’s past, impressing all visitors.

Sport activities and extreme sports for those wanting to experience something new on their vacation. Medicinal hot water springs are a pole of attraction for those suffering from various maladies. And as for visitors wanting entertain, relax and enjoy all the modern comforts, options are many.

Which are these islands that are the ideal destination for every lover of travelling?
Lesvos, the island of Sapfo, where you will see the only petrifed forest in the world.
Lemnos, the island of Ifestos, with exotic beauty.
Chios, the Aegean island with mastic gum trees and medieval villages.
Samos, the island of Pythagoran, with forests and white shores shining under the sun.
Ikaria, the verdurous hilly island connected to the mythical hero Ikaros. As and the smaller islands Psara, Fourni, Oinousses and Agios Efstratios that keep their natural beauties untouched.